while i’m thinking about drawing that, perry probably just

doesn’t get it

he’s like why is it ok to be a monster one day of the year but like the next day everyone will go back to looking at me like i’m going to eat them

like he’ll participate if needed but sometimes he’s like oKAY YEAH I AM NOT WEARING A COSTUME THIS IS HOW I ALWAYS LOOK PLEASE STOP ASKING WHERE I GOT IT

i felt like drawing monster women off the top of my head

i felt like drawing monster women off the top of my head

i am reaaaaally in the mood to draw ocs in halloween costumes

i keep thinking i should get on skype and talk to friends but then i remember i ain’t got no internet

oh man i forgot to mention that we got the apartment!!!! but there’s another house we’re looking at that’s rented by a friend of my mom’s for $300 and it’s on the lake

i think the lake house would be good for the dogs, they’d be able to run around without having to worry about being caught or sent to the pound

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This is the life I want to live.

i like how this came back on my dash again but i dont like how my name was deleted off it? ;;

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Shadow is my favourite sonic because all of his lines and just everything about him makes it seem like he was invented by a teen boy on gaia online and that’s really endearing

my aunt was taken off of life support today, but we couldn’t get up to see her due to car issues

we were close up until grandma died, but i don’t quite feel sad yet

i mean it DOES hurt, but it’s more of a heavy feeling in my chest than an urge to cry

my mom and i agree that not going might have been a good idea — we don’t want our last memory of her to be that one and we don’t want to deal with her husband and his sisters

today just wasn’t a good day for anyone